Can you speak Chinese?

Yes, Mandarin and Shanghai dialects.

Where can we get married?

Anywhere in Australia; on land, on water or even whilst jumping out of planes.  

For intimate ceremonies, we can do it at your home, my home, a hotel or at a restaurant venue.  Sydney has plenty of beautiful beaches and parks that form the perfect backdrop to an outdoor wedding ceremony. But check with the local authorities as some of the popular venues need to be booked well in advance and you may need to apply for a permit for use as a wedding venue. 

How soon can we get married?

One calendar month from the day you submit your NOIM to me.  eg. if you plan to marry on March 20th, I must receive your NOIM by Feb 20th.  You can email or SMS your NOIM to me, provided you post the hard copy original to me at a later date.

It doesn't matter if you haven't got all of the required documents ready at the time of submitting your NOIM.  We can sort the rest out later.

Can the one month notice period be shortened?

Yes via permission from a prescribed authority.  But your reason must fall within one of the following categories of circumstances before the court will consider your application.  They are:
- employment related or other travel commitments,
- wedding or celebration arrangements, or religious considerations,
- medical reasons,
- legal proceedings,
- error in giving notice.

Each application is considered on its merits on a case by case basis so there is no guarantee even though one or more of the categories may be met.

What is the difference between the official marriage certificate (Form 15) and the registered marriage certificate?  Do I need to have a registered marriage certificate?

The official marriage certificate you will receive from me on the day of your wedding is the official evidence of your married legal status.  It has a unique identifying number at the back and security features built-in so it will never be reissued if lost or damaged.  

The registered marriage certificate is issued by the registry office and is an official identity document.  It is essentially a computer printout of the details of your marriage as submitted by me to the registry office.  You will need this certificate if you intend to change your surname on your driver's licence, or if you plan to register your marriage in an overseas country.  You can apply for this certificate yourself 24hours after you marry but I can save you the hassle by lodging this application on your behalf if you give me the completed application form at your wedding ceremony. 

The standard fee for this certificate is about $50.

How long is the NOIM valid for?

18 months. 

I'm trying to get my fiance to come out to Australia under the FiancĂ©(e) visa plan.  Can you write me a letter to give to immigration?

Of course I can do that for you!  Come see me, lodge your NOIM (you can leave the signature box for your fiancĂ© blank at this stage), and I will give you a letter to present to the Consulate.

What happens if you can't perform at our wedding?

In the rare and exceptional circumstances that it should occur, I will organise for another authorised celebrant to perform your ceremony at the same agreed terms.  Or you can select a celebrant yourself and I'll refund you any fees paid to me and transfer the NOIM to your new celebrant.  

Do you do nude weddings? (I actually get asked this question a lot)

Yes, I do! Naturist weddings are perfectly legal in Australia - provided that they take place somewhere private, or at a public place where nudity is allowed (eg. at a nudist beach).  To maintain a professional appearance at the event, I will still be fully clothed.  For more details, click here.  

How long does a wedding ceremony take?

As long or short as you want it to be!  Generally, they take 10-25 minutes from start to finish.   I can perform the most basic legal Ceremony in under 2 minutes if you're really in a hurry to get on that flight to Honolulu! 

Willa, you say that your fee to perform wedding ceremonies start from $350.  What does the $350 package involve?

That is a basic registry office style ceremony held at my home near Newtown in Sydney. It's low frills, low fee.  My home is close to public transport, with plenty of on-street parking.  Use one of my pre-written scripts or bring your own. Available on weekdays and weekends, daytime and evenings.  Perfect for couples on a tight budget or simply want to elope!

We got officially married overseas but want to do another legal ceremony in Australia so we get an Australian marriage certificate. Can you arrange it for us?

Unfortunately not, unless the two of you first get divorced from that overseas marriage.  You can't get wed in Australia if you are currently married (whether to the same or different person).  That's why you don't hear of couples travelling the world and getting a marriage certificate issued from every country they visit.  It's a romantic idea, but legally not possible. :(

Do you provide a P.A. system?

If your venue doesn't supply a P.A., I can bring one for $60.